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About Us

DHRUV JAIN & ASSOCIATES is a Chartered Accountants firm based at New Delhi providing wide range of consultancy & Assurance services, founded by CA. Dhruv Jain (FCA, DISA) in the year 2011. Mr. Dhruv Jain is a dedicated professional entrepreneur, to serve the clients with highest level of educational qualities & professional capabilities, Dhruv Jain actively participate in post-qualification cources & seminars for recent developments organised by The Intitute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI). He is a certified Business Valuer by the esteemed institution ICAI, further he is a Information System Audit (DISA) Member of ICAI and also qualified in Concurrent Audit of Banks and also specialises in Forensic Audit & fraud Prevention.

Business now a days are exposed to global markets resulting in direct or indirect connection with foreign nationals or international transactions, and India has a position of observer in the international markets & not of a developing country, India has generated highly qualified personnels who go abroad to provide their services & has evolved business environment in India to attract foreign national to operate their business from India.To mitigate the complexities &  regulatory compliances while dealing internationally, CA. Dhruv Jain has qualified the cource on International Taxation organised by the ICAI in the year 2014. 


We recognize the firm is a service organization and we attempt to provide a level of service which clients appreciate.


Our working morale can be defined as “Leading as ‘WE’ Responsible as ‘I’ only to serve ‘YOU’ ” which Demonstrate Integrity, Confidentiality, and Accessibility Filled with Energy, Enthusiasm, and the Courage to lead and Building relationships by providing excellent service standards.

Superior client service is our primary objective and operating guideline, within the confines of law and professional standards. We seek to provide this service by making available to each client the full extent of our professional capabilities, in order to meet their varying needs, on a timely basis. All the services to the client are provided under the supervision of various Standards issued by ICAI, rules, provisions made under any law for the time being in force applicable on the firm and the client as well. 

We seek to add value to the client relationship through our skills, knowledge and efforts. We try to help clients define and achieve their business and personal goals and consider these in establishing the goals of the business they currently own and operate.


Understanding is the soul of every relationship.